About Us - Principessa Gelato
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Who is Motor Power Company

The company was founded in 1989 by Stefano Grandi. In just a few years it has become one of the most relevant companies in the production of industrial motion solutions. It boasts a consolidated technological know-how, acquired through numerous applicative experiences and continuous and relentless work on the R&D front which today allows it to interact with major international companies. 


A keen eye on the latest developments and high-tech advancement and receptivity towards market requirements are the synergic combination on which the company has based its activity so far. Four years ago Motor Power Company approached the field of gastronomy and gelato making with the intent of revolutionizing them through the unconventional application of solutions experimented in other contexts. 

mantecatore mantecatrice batch freezer
mantecatore mantecatrice batch freezer
mantecatore mantecatrice batch freezer
mantecatore mantecatrice batch freezer

Principessa in brief

Principessa is the first ever batch freezer to use direct drive technology on the stirring system, thereby eliminating the kinematic chain, enabling extremely high performance and increasing movement versatility as well as halving energy consumption. By eliminating the water-cooling stage and washing between cycles the result is a 100% water consumption cut.  


Vertical batch freezing, the much wider shape of the opening with which the machine has been conceived and the direct lighting inside the carapina consent you to constantly have visual control of the product and enable you to add ingredients (grains, crumble or pieces of fruit) at any stage of the production. 


The new technology used has allowed us to go beyond the standards already present on the market of gelato batch freezers. Its design and reduced space dimensions make it possible to position Principessa for the client to view and to prepare the gelato also in the selling point itself thereby transferring production outside the laboratory.